WAC 2018 Judges Panel


Wim Bekendam – Netherlands

At WAC2018 I will be 55 years of age. Since 1993 I compete in agility with my border collies. And in 2003 I started judging in this fascinating sport. The IFCS World Agility Championships 2006 in my home country showed me, as a spectator, the challenges agility can offer for the sport at the highest level. England 2010 was my chance to start judging for these competitors and I enjoyed everything about it. I have been involved by each IFCS world championship from then on. In 2012 I joined the IFCS-council.
Together with the officiating judges I aim for challenging, fair and sportive championships in Italy.






Fabiano Gatto – Italia

I was born in 1970 in Genova. I’m a ENCI dog trainer from 1988. I’m Handler, Judge FISC & Master. I’m a Belgian Shepherd Malinois and Border Collies dog breeder and I took part at Utility Dog competitions as handler, trainer and helper. My dogs took part at a lot of expo, sheepdog trials, agility dog and obedience national and international competition. I was a council member of CAPB (Italian Belgian Shepherd Club) and a I was a team leader of Italian Belgian Shepherd Team.I’m agility handler and I attended at the most important italian competitions with my dogs. I run with two of my border collie and two of my Belgian Shepherd Malinois in the most important agility competition in Italy. During my agility experience I trained many athletes who took part at AWC, IMCA and others international agility competitions. I have judged in Italy a lot of competiton since 1997. I have judged Irish FInal Open Championship in Dublino. I’m a member of Italian Border Collie Club IBC council from three mandates. Now I’m a CEO of Italian Border Collie Club IBC.


Andrew John Sandercock – Great Britain

Snooker sample course

I first started in agility with my rescued Rottweiler back in 1995. At my first open show we placed 3rd and my club knowing I am a teacher and had dog obedience experience asked me to become a trainer. My wife and I at this stage had no idea how influential this sport would become. In 1999 having competed for several years a local club approached me to judge for their show. I have judged up and down the UK for several different organisations as well as judging abroad in Spain for “The Catalan Cup.” I have judged agility finals, qualifiers, jumping, snooker, gamblers and power and speed being competent and confident in all competitions. As the Head teacher of a Secondary school I am very experienced to working under pressure with expected outcomes.

• Started judging 1999 • Judged National qualifiers. Olympia, Crufts, IFCS qualifiers for UKA & FAB, UKA Masters & The Kennel Club International. • International judging experience. The Catalan Cup twice 2015&2016. • Judged small, medium and large across all grades. From grade 1 to Grade 7. • Judged often multiple times at FAB, Thames Championship Show, The Agility Club Championship Show, Kennel Club International Championship Show, Chippenham Championship Show, Tuffley Championship Show, Burridge, Diamond, Blackdown, Honiton, , South Devon, Clevedon, Nedlo, Wraxall, Barcelona Spain, Kernow, Sherbourne, Staverton, Cliffton, Severnside, Cornwall.
• Judged classes for agility, jumping, snooker, gamblers, power and speed and teams.

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Judges and Schedule Guide for WAC 2018 – 25 to 29 April 2018 – dated 02 December 2017

Class Judge Day
Agility-Standard – Biathlon (B1) Andy Sandercock (GB) Wednesday
Snooker – Individual & All Round Andy Sandercock (GB) Thursday
Agility-Standard – Team Triathlon (T1) Fabiano Gatto (Italy) Thursday
Agility Standard – Individual & All Round Fabiano Gatto (Italy) Friday
Jumping – Individual & All Round Andy Sandercock (GB) Friday
Gamblers – Individual & All Round Andy Sandercock (GB) Saturday
Jumping – Team Triathlon (T2) Fabiano Gatto (Italy) Saturday
Jumping – Biathlon (B2) Fabiano Gatto (Italy) Sunday
3 Dog Team Relay – Team Triathlon (T3) Andy Sandercock (GB) Sunday

Note 1: The sum of the four individuals = Best All Around.  Refer Event Regulations, para 4.4.

Note 2: Team Triathlon team names must be submitted by 9.30 am. Refer Regulations, para 3.2.5.

Note 3: All Classes will be held in the one main ring and will require a course change after each Class.

Note 4: Bitches in heat will run last in the running order for each height class.

Note 5: The Chief Judge will be Wim Bekendam.