2018 Judges Panel

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Class Judge Day
Agility-Standard – Biathlon (B1)   Wednesday
Snooker – Individual & All Round   Thursday
Jumping – Team Triathlon (T1)   Thursday
Agility Standard – Individual & All Round   Friday
Jumping – Individual & All Round   Friday
Gamblers – Individual & All Round   Saturday
Agility Standard – Team Triathlon (T2)   Saturday
Jumping – Biathlon (B2)   Sunday
3 Dog Team Relay – Team Triathlon (T3)   Sunday
Note 1: The sum of the four individuals = Best All Around. Refer Event Regulations, Page 13, para 4.4.
Note 2: Team Triathlon team names must be submitted by 8.30 am. Refer Regulations, Page 6, para 3.2.
Note 3: All Classes will be held in the one main ring and will require a course change after each Class.
Note 4: Bitches in heat will run last in the running order for each height class.