2017 Judges Panel

Chief Judge, Anton Kudrin (Russian Federation)

Anton Kudrin, was born in Perm City, Russia 19/09/1978.
I live with my wife Anna and our daughter in the West Urals region of the Russia in Perm City and I work in IT department in headquarters of Perm Financial and Industrial Group. We have three dogs: two border collies and parson Russell terrier.
I started my agility career in 2003. With Irish Softcoated Wheaten Terrier. In 2004, met my future wife. She quite successfully performed with sheltie Nocturne (aka Hippy) at national level and was a member of national team at USDAA GranPrix 2003. While she was sitting with our child, I started to perform with Hippy since 2006. At the IFCS WAC 2008 in Belgium was 3rd in non-championship class Power&Speed and Team World Champion as member “Russia Federation – 1” team.
Since 2008 started judging career. Judging competition at regional and national levels. I have been judge all national Championships, except 2012. In 2011 was a chief judge for Russian Championship, in 2012 a judge and 2013 a chief judge for Ukrainian Championship. Now I am very pleased and proud to have been appointed judge for the IFCS WAC 2015 in the Italy.


  Judge, Francisco Alegre (Spain) 

Judge, Walter Casier (Belgium)

Judge, Tim Verrelli (United States of America)

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Class Judge Day
Agility-Standard – Biathlon (B1) Francisco Alegre (Spain) Wednesday
Snooker – Individual & All Round Tim Verrelli (USA) Thursday
Jumping – Team Triathlon (T1) Francisco Alegre (Spain) Thursday
Agility Standard – Individual & All Round Tim Verrelli (USA) Friday
Jumping – Individual & All Round Walter Casier (Belgium) Friday
Gamblers – Individual & All Round Francisco Alegre (Spain) Saturday
Agility Standard – Team Triathlon (T2) Walter Casier (Belgium) Saturday
Jumping – Biathlon (B2) Walter Casier (Belgium) Sunday
3 Dog Team Relay – Team Triathlon (T3) Tim Verrelli (USA) Sunday
Note 1: The sum of the four individuals = Best All Around. Refer Event Regulations, Page 13, para 4.4.
Note 2: Team Triathlon team names must be submitted by 8.30 am. Refer Regulations, Page 6, para 3.2.
Note 3: All Classes will be held in the one main ring and will require a course change after each Class.
Note 4: Bitches in heat will run last in the running order for each height class.