CoronaVirus 2019 Announcement

IFCS has been monitoring reports from federal health agencies regarding the outbreak and spread of Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19).  While news reports can sound ominous, the world’s health agencies seem to present a more objective assessment of the risk and what is being done to confront this new virus. IFCS intends to continue to monitor and report on developments that may impact or threaten the IFCS World Agility Championship 2020. 

Fortunately, WAC 2020 is more than two months away, and there is still time to assess trends and developments and the potential impact on the event should matters change. With an April 1 closing date for entries, we feel we will know much more by that time.   We remain optimistic, as in past viral episodes, we know that the disease is sure to spread geographically in varying degrees of severity, and hopefully in a similar fashion, medical professionals around the globe will again rise to the occasion to find the ways to treat, contain, and deal with this new strain.  We continue to monitor official reports while we continue our work towards hosting a successful World Agility Championship in late May in Belgium. 

For those who will participate as competitor, judge, volunteers, etc., we recommend you monitor reports from your own national agencies to stay abreast of the situation and how it may potentially affect you with regard to travel to the event. 

A couple resources that may be of interest are the Centers for Disease Control in Europe and the United States, where pages can be found with much information on the virus itself, as well as reports on level of risk by country.

European Center for Disease Prevention and Control

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (USA)

We will post additional information that we feel may have any significant impact on the event. 

Meanwhile, it is important we all stay safe, healthy and informed by focusing on preventative measures recommended by health officials and not overreact based upon select hyperbolic news reports, which are prone to selective reporting.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the event secretary, whose contact information can be found on