IFCS Individual Gamblers & Triathlon Agility

Saturday brings the longest test of endurance for the event as Individual Gamblers and Team Triathlon Standard are presented.  Watch the action on You Tube free of charge at www.youtube.com/c/arionpetfood.

Briefing Gamblers IFCS World Agility Championships 2017

All rules in Part 2, Chapter 4 Rules of Agility Competitions apply to the Gamblers/Joker class. This briefing contains reminders as well as additional information specific to this course.

  • Maxi/Midi: 30 seconds for Opening Sequence and 13 seconds for Gamble.
  • Mini/Toy: 32 seconds for Opening Sequence and 15 seconds for Gamble.
  • Point Values
    • Jumps = 1 point
    • Tunnels and Tyre = 3 points
    • Contact Obstacles = 5 points
    • Weave Poles = 7 points

Basic Rules

  • Start/Finish on electronic timing. One point for first/start obstacle (if bar is not knocked)
  • Start jump is live at all times and if taken will stop the clock and end your run.
  • Finish jump with electronic timing is active from start. So if you pass it before the first horn: one point (if bar is not knocked) and scoring ends.
  • Must end by taking the Finish jump (jump #5 in Gamble) in order to stop the clock, regardless of whether a successful gamble is achieved.
  • Will only earn points for doing each obstacle successfully 2x in maximum.
  • No penalty for doing an obstacle more than 2x (other than time wasted).
  • Judge will call out points (e.g. one, three, five, seven, plus four and plus seven) when successful performance in any obstacle. In unsuccessful attempt of contact or weave Judge will signal raising my hand, as conventional fault.
  • Points will not be awarded for successful performance of any obstacle twice in sequence (another obstacle must be attempted first).
  • In case on unsuccessful attempt is not allowed to do same obstacle. Another obstacle must be attempted first.
  • Performance of two consecutive contact obstacle or weaves is not allowed. Successful performance will bring points only for first obstacle in row.
  • First horn will sound at 30 seconds for Maxi/Midi and 32 seconds for Mini/Toy class. No more points will be awarded for Opening Sequence obstacles after the first horn.
  • Performance of two consecutive obstacle in any direction of Gamble sequence in not allowed and ends the game.


  • There is the Opening Sequence bonus’s (called Jokers) marked A-B-C
  • Handler can earn extra 5 point if dog perform A-B-C sequence as it marked on the map while hander stays behind the “Extra points line”.
  • Refusals in Joker are not judged.
  • Extra points for Joker can be earned only once.
  • Points in Joker’s will not be awarded for successful performance twice in sequence (another obstacle must be attempted first).


  • After the 1st horn the Gamble can be performed, numbered 1-2-3-4-5 in the prescribed time and order. The Handler must stay behind the line. Successful performance will bring 1 point for each jump, 3 for tunnel.
  • There must be no fault (including Refusals) during the Gamble to achieve the Gamble bonus.
  • Points accumulated in Gamble period before fault or 2nd horn are kept.
  • Correct Gamble bonus before 2nd horn will bring additional 10 points.
  • Gamble points will be lost if handler steps on or over the containment lines while attempting the Gamble.
  • Gamble points will be lost if handler loiters (does not try to score points and only waist time) or dog performs obstacles repeatedly without accumulating points in the Opening Sequence for the purpose of waiting for the horn and the start of the Gamble.
  • Jumps/Obstacles displaced (including bar down) during Opening Sequence will remain so until end of round.

Team Triathlon Standard Agility

Team Triathlon Standard will be in the afternoon and round out the day.