WAC 2019: Judges

Peter Smit and Trish Levesque will be the judges at World Agility Championship IFCS 2019 in The Netherlands.  Anton Kudrin from Russia will be Chief Judge.

Peter Smit comes form The Netherlands. He says “In 2007 I was asked to become a judge for the FHN (the Dutch IFCS Agility Organisation). When I look back at what agility was like in those days I can only conclude that things have changed a lot in the past 10 years. The game has become much faster and the courses more challenging. However, one thing hasn’t changed: both handlers and dogs still share the same passion and joy when they run their courses. For me, being a competitor at three WACs was a tremendous experience. As a judge at the 2019 WAC in the Netherlands I hope to provide you with some challenging courses that you and your dog will fully enjoy.”

Trish Levesque comes from Canada. She says “I was initiated into the wonderful sport of dog agility in 1990 thanks to a very hyper mixed breed dog and I fell in love with it the minute I started training. I became a judge soon thereafter and have loved every minute I have spent either playing or judging. I have been blessed with the honour of judging our AAC Canadian National Agility Championships numerous times and have judged the Regional championships from coast to coast in Canada. I am thrilled to have been invited to judge the IFCS 2019 I wish all the competitors wonderful, connected runs with their partner. Every time we step to the start line we make a choice as to what type of outcome we will share with our dogs. Share the joy of being at this event with your partner. Remember the reasons why you compete in this sport we all love. Run clean and havefun!”

Here you can find the sample courses of Peter and Trish. Click here for judges page.

If you have any questions about WAC write us a WAC2019NL@fhn.nl

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